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Best of Healthy Exchanges Food Newsletter Cookbooklet pg. 140 or Healthy Exchanges Food Newsletter April 1992, pg. 3. I had this for the first time about 15 years ago, at my aunt's home. She said it was for diabetics, but didn't tell me where she got it. I just knew this was it when I seen it again! It is very good! My aunt always served it to guest in the summer. I took it to the summer block party and came back with a empty dish. All 5 stars!

This and That
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Best of Healthy Exchanges Food Newsletter, pg. 174 or Healthy Exchanges Food Newsletter November 1992, pg. 7. This was very very good. I loved it. Perfect for any family dinner, or just a great comfort food! I made mine with toasted light whole wheat bread. And it came out great! You get twice the serving for the same amount of calories that way also. I just couldn't get enough of it. I had to make it two times in a row it was so good. Definitely earned its 5 stars!

Since my above review, I have made the Sage stuffing literally countless times, but usually with light bread. (it calls for 6 oz bread crumbs). But this time, I made it with corn bread stuffing crumbs. Oh my it was delicious with the corn bread stuffing crumbs. I used about twice the onion, but the same amount of celery called for. I also added a can of drained and chopped water chestnuts, garlic and onion powder, and just a little tiny bit of rosemary. Soooo good, I want to add cranberries next time!